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The secret of body transformations

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The featured image you see above is of Hafthor Björnsson of the fame of Game of Thrones. What is the secret of his body transformation?

This transformation took about 9 years. If you want a transformation like this, you must also be willing to dedicate 9 years. Provided you resemble his before photo.

There is a popular question running around.Ronaldo body
Question: How can I get a body like Christiano Ronaldo?

Answer: Play football for 26 years 6hrs a day. And eat like Ronaldo did.

However in today’s world, we don’t have the time nor the money to achieve such transformations. Then what do we have to do?


The answer was and and always will be – don’t have body transformation as your sole goal. Do something else the side effect or result of which will be the body transformation.

i.e Make a Lifestyle change.

Join a gym. not to impress girls/guys but to be healthy. Join a boxing gym. Not because you want be be the next Mike Tyson. But because you enjoy boxing. Join a Hiking/Mountaineering Class. Go for a trek. Join a Rugby team, go from district to state level to national level. Do you think you will have time to look at your body in front of a mirror and feel insecure when you are worried tomorrow you might get hit in the face? The side effect of any of these will be a body which you never dreamed of.

Do you think Ronaldo wanted the body he has just for his body? He was starving himself when he was young. Football was his only life. Do you think Hafthor Björnsson thought I want such a body and then started Strongman training? Or he began Strongman training and the result was this body transformation?

Solution 2

Do yourself a favor and join a Sport.

The second point you have to remember is, you have to be realistic and accept some things.


This is Pudzian. His name is Mariusz Pudzianowski. 5 times World’s Strongest Man title holder. His only job is to eat and exercise. If you want to have a body like him, you will never have it. Or you will. Provided you eat 20,000 calories a day. And Strength train for 6 hrs everyday. Just like him.

The point is, it all depends on your goal.

If your goal is to be like Pudzian, work like Pudzian. You can’t be going to a swimming class wanting to be the next big guitarist. Do boxing to be a boxer. Do strongman to be a strongman. Play football to be a footballer.

If you want something, go get it. Period.

Your body transformation will be a side effect. Or, if body transformations is your goal, go from fat to fit to fat to fit, again and again and again. Don’t come asking here if you don’t get the motivation.

That is the secret. If you have motivation, no once can stop you. But if you don’t, it can be extremely hard to start. So start exploring every physical hobby or sport that you might like. The body will come.

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