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How to Squat

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Squat is King

Squat is the King of all exercises. It is the easiest way to gain muscles on your lower body.

Lets see a quick way of how to properly squat.

  • Stand with your feet, shoulder width apart. Make sure any weights are properly on your upper back.
  • Both your feet must form about 30° angle
  • Squat down by pushing your knees towards your feet and hips towards the back.
  • The top of your thighs should be parallel to the ground.
  • Knees out, chest up, start to go up.
  • Stand up fully.

Muscles worked when you Squat

The muscles worked are

  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Lower Back
  • Abs
  • Arms

Squat benefits

Squat is the No 1. Exercise which produces the most amount of testosterone and Growth Hormone. It is the best exercise to gain muscle. Because of this, Heavy squats also increase your metabolism, therefore helping lose fat.

Squat safety

  • Never squat with a weight you cannot handle.
  • Always have a plan how you can throw off the weight without injuring yourself before even lifting the weight. Always have a plan.

Squat Progression

Follow these steps if you can’t squat.

Wall Squats – Take support of a wall, lean your back towards it, and go down slowly. Do this till you can do 30 reps.

Chair/Box Squats – Keep a chair or a box and try to sit on it when you squat. Keep doing this till you can do 30 reps.

Body weight Squats – Try to squat without any weights or support. Do this till you can do 30 reps.

Barbell Squats – Start with an empty Olympic Barbell(20 Kg) on your back and go down. Start with 5 reps. Increase weight by 2.5 Kg every 2 days. After you can do 5 successful reps. Repeat.

If you fail in any of the steps, go back, take rest, come tomorrow and try again.


Once you master Barbell Squats, there is a huge world which opens up.

You can do Front Squats, Goblet Squats and Pistol Squats. By that time, you would not require this tutorial.

Imagine if you could go down in 1 leg and come up. That is the dream.

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