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How to Deadlift

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Deadlift is Queen

Deadlift is the queen of all exercises. Let’s see a quick way how to Deadlift properly

  • Stand as you normally do, with mid-foot under the barbell.
  • Bend over and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip.
  • Bend knees until shins touch the barbell.
  • Lift chest up, look straight, straighten the back.
  • Take a deep breath, hold and stand up with the weight.
  • As you exhale, go back to same position to drop the barbell slowly onto the ground.

Muscles worked when you Deadlift

  • Legs
  • Back
  • Traps
  • Abs
  • Arms

Deadlift Benefits

Deadlifts along-with Squats form the base strength of all muscles. If your lower body is strong, your upper body will be strong. However, if your lower body is weak, however strong your upper body is, you will not get the leverage when doing something real/functional. Hence don’t miss your Deadlifts.

Deadlift safely

  • Never Deadlift a weight you cannot handle
  • If you can’t lift it, just drop the weights, and lower it. Do not hurt your back.
  • Avoid Lower back rounding or excess arching. Keep lower back neutral.

Deadlift Progression

Follow these steps if you cannot Deadlift properly.

Water Bottle Deadlift – Take 2 water bottles of same dimensions, keep 1 in each hand and try to mimic the Deadlift motion.

Empty Rod Deadlift – Take an empty rod, be it an Olympic Barbell(20 Kg) or any random rod(7 Kg). Deadlift with proper form.

Keep  adding weights.

Romanian Deadlift – This is where you lower the bar from the top instead of lifting it. It works your hamstrings. You bend your hips not your waist here.


Imgaine if you could lift a Car by Deadlifting it. That is what professional Strongmen do.

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