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Healthy Male

Why are we attracted to beauty? is it just because beautiful things are beautiful? or is there a hidden reason?

Why every new born babies are cute? Is it because babies are correlated with cuteness?

Does our outer appearance have any relationship with anything else? Or is it just a matter of don’t judge a book by its cover?

This study from Psychology Today says a different story. The idea that beautiful people are healthier. It seems we prefer people who have average face shape and who have a clear complexion. This it seems is not because for these traits per se, but that they signify beauty.

Apparently, they ran a study of about 600 people and the findings were inconclusive. That beauty has no relation to health.

But just think about it. Use your intuition. What does your gut say?

Lets do an experiment. Lets pick a random image from Unsplash. Unsplash provides copyright free images. Look at the photo of a random person below.

Unhealthy Male

What do you think? Who among the featured pic of this post and this pic do you think have Diabetes? or more likely to get one? Lets take another random photo.

Average Male

Rate all 3 photos according to their perceived health. Also rate all 3 photos according to beauty/attractiveness.

What do you think? Are beauty and Health related? Let’s leave it at that.

Here is an article which shows you how to transform your body.

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