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How to Deadlift

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If Squat is the King of all exercises, Deadlift is queen. All you have to do is lift the dead weight. That is why it is called Deadlift.


How to Squat

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Squatting is the No. 1 exercise out of the BIG 5 Exercises. Squat is not just a leg exercise. It works for your back and abs as well.

Healthy Male

Health & Beauty

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Health & Beauty are correlated. A healthy body means an attractive body. A man/woman who is unhealthy cannot be attractive/beautiful.


The secret of body transformations

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The result of any body transformation depends on its goal. If the goal is to lose fat, or to gain muscle or to lose weight or gain weight.

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I’m not losing weight why?

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You are not losing weight because you are either eating more. Or you are not Exercising enough. i.e Your Energy In is greater than your Energy Out.